Agri-environment schemes provide funding to farmers and land managers to farm in a way that supports biodiversity, enhances the landscape, and improves the quality of water, air and soil.


Current Schemes: 

Sustainable Farming Incentive – a flexible scheme that should be accessible to all farmers and landowners (including non-BPS claimants from summer 2024). Rolling applications.

Farming Investment Fund – large- and small-scale grants, for equipment ranging from robotic technology to electric fencing kits

Farming in Protected Landscapes – projects within the National Park or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (National Landscapes). Project finishes March 2025

Woodland Creation Planning Grant – Creating new productive woodland of at least 5ha. Application window open all year round

England Woodland Creation Offer – Application window open all year round

Woodland Management Plan Grants – Application window open all year round

Countryside Stewardship – Rolling application window opening summer 2024

  • Higher Tier – delivery focused on environmentally important and sensitive sites. Capital funding also available
  • Middle Tier– some options not included in SFI, extra supplements that are stackable. Capital funding also available
  • Capital Only Grants– available on parcels without a current live capital works programme

Past schemes

Entry Level Stewardship (ELS/OELS/UELS) – 5 year scheme
Higher Level Stewardship (HLS/OHLS) – 10 year scheme

All schemes can co-exist on the same land, as long as no actions are double funded or in conflict with each other 

Please contact us to find out more about agri-environment schemes and how we can help you apply for funding or manage existing schemes.

How we can help

  • Applications, including survey work
  • Land transfers for existing schemes
  • Option amendments and adding capital works to existing schemes
  • Derogations
  • Management Plans
  • Scheme monitoring
  • Stocking calendar calculations and reviews
  • Option guides

Case Studies