Environmental Surveys

There are a number of reasons why you may wish, or be required, to carry out a survey on your land. We can guide you through the process and deliver the necessary results.

flowerCommon reasons that clients request surveys:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) – for woodland creation sites, to cultivate previously uncultivated land or semi-natural areas, or restructure land features. 
  • Mitigation works – we can carry out surveys and suggest suitable mitigation areas as well as future management.
  • Obtaining Biological Datasets from local record centres – often relevant to planning applications
  • Surveys as part of agri-environment scheme applications or monitoring
  • As a base to writing management plans
  • We no longer carry out works associated with residential planning applications

Survey types include:

  • Butterfly and moth
  • Bird
  • Badger and other mammals
  • Aquatic
  • Plants
  • Woodland
  • Moorland
  • Bracken
  • Historical
  • We no longer carry out work associated with residential planning applications 

Case Studies