Woodland & Forestry

Whether you are looking for assistance in creating a new woodland or you have an established wood that requires attention, we are happy to help.

woodlandThe England Woodland Grant Scheme is now closed and has been replaced by the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme; existing woodland can attract funding for appropriate management and woodland creation is a priority in most areas.

Woodland management options require Forestry Commission approved management plans to be in place prior to submitting applications. Funding is available for the production of management plans for woodlands over 3 hectares. The window for woodland management applications is usually spring each year. 

Woodland Creation capital grants can fund woodlands >3ha (>1ha if riparian), Woodland Creation Planning Grants are aimed at productive woodlands >10ha. The application windows for creation are open all year round.

How we can help

  • Funding applications (Countryside Stewardship and Woodlands for Water)
  • Woodland Management Plans
  • Planting plans
  • Obtaining felling licences
  • Woodland surveys and condition assessments

Case Studies