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‘The nights are drawing in’

Harvest is finally over and north Northumberland is now a sea of brown, not only have the leaves turned but, after receiving the tail-end of Ophelia, many trees are now bald!

At George Dodds & Co a busy summer of mid-tier and higher-tier CSS applications culminated in a mass gathering of evidence prior to the September 30th deadline.  The CSS application process is onerous but we worked closely with Natural England to ensure all our clients had complete applications, (if in doubt, take a photograph!)

Hopefully those of you who applied this year will receive agreements from Natural England before Christmas; please thoroughly check these agreements are what you applied for, and return your declarations within the period stated.

Anyone who intends to apply for woodland management funding next spring must have a Forestry Commission approved management plan in place first. You can apply for funding for Woodland Management Plans at any time, this can be done via your online rural payments site.

Please get in touch if you would like any assistance with woodland plans, CSS, old environmental stewardship or BPS.